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Caveat Emptor – July/August 2014

We made the decision to give the required two months’ notice on the flat on Friday, 18 July and then we flew to New York for five weeks. We flew back to London on Saturday, 15 August and Phill flew to India on Sunday, 16 August for three weeks.

I immediately started the process of packing up the flat and getting quotes for putting the bulk of our stuff into storage.

Phill had a flash of inspiration to move to Montpellier for an initial six months whilst looking for a place to buy; which meant that I had four weeks to find a place to live in France!

Trolled the web looking for rental property in Montpellier and came across Home Away – HomeAway, which was very useful in narrowing what and where we wanted to live for six month.

After much toing and froing with Phill in India, we decided that this would be the best of the bunch: HomeAway Apartment

I contacted the owner directly, who said yes pretty much straight away as would be income for him over the winter months, when things a much quieter in the South of France. Also, rental wise, it was a lot cheaper than living in London we can assure you.

We had requested a Certificat d’Urbanism Informatif from the agent. We finally received this important document on 4 August 2014. It describes the current regulations concerning the property. The certificate stated that the property was in both a blue and a red risk zone for flooding. Phill was concerned about this and did some investigation online. He found the PPRi document for Le Grau d’Agde area which showed the flooding risk zones. We were shocked to find that a good third of the land and about a third of the house were in the red zone for flooding risk. This means that it is impossible to build anything new or even modify the existing building. We reported our findings to the agent and to our solicitor. The agent replied with an email which didn’t make a lot of sense. The solicitor said that things that the agent had told her contradicted what the Mayor had told her.  It was clear that the vendor and the agent had lied to us. We pulled out of the purchase.