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Waiting – April – June 2015

Having signed the compromis de vente not much happens for a while. The mayor has first refusal to purchase and needs to be given a month to decide. We have a completion date set for 19 June 2015.

In the mean time we needed to get mortgage protection life cover. This involved a lot of paperwork and a visit to the doctor to get the medical form completed. We got the mortgage protection insurance approved which was the final piece for getting the mortgage offer. The formal mortgage offer finally arrived on 28 May 2105. Receipt of the documents started a 10 day countdown. We must accept the offer on 8 June 2015 by signing some forms and sending them to the bank by courier.

Another condition of completion is obtaining buildings insurance. One company asked a lot of questions and then wouldn’t give us a quote. We contacted Britline and got a very reasonable quote which we will accept.

We also had to arrange a local moving company to move our things from Montpellier to the new property in Marseillan. We asked the estate agent if she knew a moving company. She put us in contact with Le déménageurs bretons who gave us a quote. We accepted it and they delivered a stack of cardboard boxes. We have arrange to move on 20 June 2015.

We also arranged for our belongings which have been in storage since September 2014 to be delivered on 23 June 2015.

We now have to wait for confirmation that the Notaire has completed his work and that the acte de vente can be signed on 19 June 2015. It will be nearly four months between having the offer accepted and completing the purchase. All of the pieces are falling into place to get this far and there is still much to do.