Full steam ahead – March/April 2014

After stumping up the property finder registration fee, Neale informed us that we would be receiving an email with details of suitable properties approximately two weeks before our trip to the South of France on 19 May. The best bit is that Neale if going to use us as guinea pigs by providing videos of each property as well – pictures are one thing, but videos are another.

Within two weeks of submitting our mortgage application to BNP Paribas, we received notification from Alex that the mortgage had been approved – which will make the purchase process that much simpler. So much information was requested by the bank for the mortgage application, that we went out and bought a combo-printer, photocopier, scanner and fax. The only thing not asked for was how regular our stool movements were!

On 31 March Steve completed 12.5 years of full-time employment with the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Not working full-time will allow him to be able to concentrate on getting things ready for the move to France and research all that is necessary for the grand opening of the Guest House in 2015.

From 16-30 April we were on holiday in Cape Town at the Cactus House, we enjoyed the delights of fine weather, food and wine, catching up with friends and just relaxing.

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