Newcastle – January 2015

Got back to Monty on Thursday, 15 January, and I was full of a cold I had caught in the second week whilst in Cape Town. Flying back was rather torturous with ears and sinuses blocked. I hoped that I would get much better before we departed for Newcastle on Tuesday, 20 January, but I actually just got worse – it had moved to my chest area, with me hacking up my lungs on a regular basis. So I doped myself up on drugs and endured the journey. Dormouse Crawford was very much a happening thing.

Before departing Monty, I had contacted my doctor in London and arranged for a prescription of anti-b’s to be sent to the hotel. I have had chest infections a few time over the last five years and I knew that I needed to get on to the anti-b’s pretty darn quick. I got the prescription filled and threw one down my throat immediately.

On Thursday, 22 January I dragged myself to the local NHS Walk-in Clinic to get my extremely scratchy and sore throat looked at (I had looked up throat cancer on the web and, naturally, when one does this, I had all the relevant symptoms!). The service and efficiency at the clinic was simply amazing – hats off to the NHS. I was seen by an absolutely lovely and fun female nurse. The diagnosis was….. acute sinusitis with an engorged uvula (yep, I blinked at that one), which was making it extremely difficult to eat or drink anything. It was confirmed that I was on the right anti-b’s and that I should start taking aspirin three times a day as well. After four days of this regime I actually started to feel human again and actually have some energy to do thing – but at a much slower pace than usual.

We were supposed to have been in Newcastle for three and a half weeks; but it in fact it only turned out to be for one and a half week, as Phill’s contract was terminated with only two days’ notice! So, we packed up and headed back to Monty on Friday, 31 January.

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