iPhone and iPad Development in Objective -C for iOS 9 and Xcode 7

Who should attend?

This 5 day course is for developers who want to learn how to develop applications for iPhone and iPad running iOS 9. The course is hands on and shows how to develop applications from scratch in Objective-C and HTML using the Xcode 7 IDE. The course assumes C and HTML programming experience.

This course can only be run on Intel based Apple hardware such as a MacBook or a Mac Mini. Delegates need to have registered with Apple and have an Apple ID which is required to download software. Delegates wishing to run the applications developed during the course on an iPhone or iPad need to be registered as iOS developers with Apple and have registered their device for development.

Course outline

Development environment


Xcode iOS Projects

Design Patterns and Frameworks

Views and Design Layout

View Controllers

Working with data

Navigation Controllers and Storyboards

Web Services

Distributing Applications